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Will you be ready for retirement? 

Financial success doesn't just happen. It takes knowledge, planning, hard work, and discipline.

Learn the basics of a good financial plan from the Financial Planning Professionals at Attentive Investment Managers. Our 8-part financial planning email series will walk you through simple steps to achieve financial independence, from getting out of debt to planning for retirement.

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Questions about Retirement?

Explore the answers to these questions in our 8-part email series.


What type of insurance should I have, and how much do I need?


Is debt ok? How much is too much? What's the best way to pay it off?

Retirement Savings Strategies

I know I need to save, but where do I start? How do I make investing fit with my current cashflow needs?

Non-retirement Investments

Do all of my savings go into retirement? What if I want to retire early, or need to access cash before retirement?

Income in Retirement

Will I be able to maintain my standard of living once I stop working? How do I know my money will last until I die?

Estate Planning

What happens to my assets after I'm gone? How do I make sure my estate passes to my heirs, not the IRS?

Attentive Investment Managers Logo

Attentive Investment Managers, Inc. is a fee-only independent Registered Investment Advisor located in Stockton, California. At AIM, we work with each client to create and manage their investment portfolio, while meeting their stated objectives for growth, income, and risk tolerance.

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